Carnival cruise soda package

What does Carnival soda package include?

It includes unlimited soft drinks and juices for the duration of the cruise – at every bar and restaurant (cabin service excluded). The price is 8.50 USD per adult/day or 5.95 USD per child/day plus a service charge of 18%.

Is the soda package on Carnival worth it?

Even though we consumed less alcoholic drinks then average on this cruise, the Carnival Cheers Package was worth it , as it saved us over $96, or roughly 10%. Although, if we had purchased the package onboard, we would not have realized those savings and would have basically come out even.

Can you bring soda on a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival’s Liquor and Beverage Policy states that guests are prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages on board that are packaged in bottles. Water will be delivered to your stateroom on embarkation day. Bottled water may also be purchased on board by contacting Room Service.

What soda does carnival serve?

Carnival offers up Coke products, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke , Coca-Cola Zero, Caffeine-Free Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Orange Fanta, Mr. Pibb, Barq’s Root Beer, tonic water, club soda and ginger ale . If you sail from Galveston or New Orleans, Dr Pepper is also available.

How much is soda on Carnival?

As of 2017, soft drinks start at $2 per serving; sports drinks start at $2.95; and additional drinks , such as specialty coffees and smoothies, go up from there. Beer generally starts at $4.95 per serving, liquor usually begins at $5.50 per serving, and wine starts at $5.75 per glass.

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How do you get a discount on a Carnival cruise drink package?

Pro tip: Buy your beverage package online in advance. Most cruise lines offer a discounted rate, usually saving cruisers $5-$10 per day when the beverage package is purchased in advance. So buy online in advance of your cruise , or expect to pay a bit more if purchased once on the ship.

Are cruise drink packages worth the money?

A Cruise Drink Package Is a Good Deal If… Sure, it can be painful when you pay a few hundred dollars for drinks before your cruise even starts. But once you’ve gone ahead and paid, you have the luxury of being able to order drinks at most bars and restaurants without having to worry about your final bill.

Can you share cruise drink packages?

I know what you ‘re thinking – ‘ can ‘t I just share a drinks package with people from another cabin? ‘ Unfortunately not – this is strictly prohibited and enforced by all cruise lines. Some cruise lines even go so far to limit the amount of drinks orders to two drinks per order only.

How much is a bucket of beer on Carnival Cruise?

Carnival beer bucket prices are discounted – for 4 bottled beers in a bucket (plastic or aluminum bottles), purchased on the ship, domestic brands from the menu. Carnival Beer Package.

Beer Brands Prices (USD)
(4-pack) Buckler Non-Alcoholic $18

Can you take a 12 pack of soda on a Carnival Cruise?

A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas , juice, and milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought onboard on embarkation day only in guests’ carry -on luggage. A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person.

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How do you sneak alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise?

You should know that there’s no foolproof way to sneak alcohol on a cruise . The top 10 ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise : Shampoo bottles. Mouthwash bottles. Wine bottles. Rum runners. Tampon flasks. Fake beer belly. Wine rack bra. Binocular flask.

Is soda free on Carnival Cruise?

Soda and juice are not free aboard the cruise ships, but you can participate in Carnival’s Unlimited Soda Program. When you purchase the program, you’ll receive a sticker to place on your card entitling you to limitless sodas and juices from the casino bar, lobby bar, pool bar or dining rooms.

Does Carnival Cruise have Pepsi or Coke?

As they cruise , Carnival Cruise Line guests will be able to enjoy some of their favorite PepsiCo brands such as bubly, Pure Leaf, Naked Juice, Gatorade, MTN Dew, Starbucks, Pepsi , Pepsi Zero Sugar, Sierra Mist and Sierra Mist Zero Sugar among others.

Does Carnival serve Pepsi or Coke?

Beginning in January of 2020, Carnival Cruise Line will be ditching Coca-Cola products in favor of that company’s longtime rival, Pepsi-Cola. This change will impact all of Carnival’s ships across their North American fleet.

What drinks do you get for free on Carnival?

Free Lemonade & Iced Tea (and water too!) Lemonade and Iced Tea flow freely on the Lido Deck and in the dining rooms.

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