Soda dungeon lvl 500

How do you beat Demora in soda dungeon?

The key to beating him is using Dark Mages. Level 500 – Demora : A dark sorceress. The only thing that can harm her is healing magic, however, in Warrior’s Dimension, her ability is taken away, and she can be damaged by anything. She has 9000 HP.

How many levels are in soda dungeon?

100 levels

What is the best team in soda dungeon?

Yes, that is not a typo, the best team for high level is 3 Dark Mages 1 Thief and Knight. Equip everyone with any items you have that will increase gold find. For relics only bother upgrade magic dmge + and gold find and or essence find.

How do you beat level 700 boss soda dungeon?

Beating level 700 in Soda dungeon This boss can only be defeated by fighters. any other heros will run away when he casts his first spell 4 fighters and a healer should be able to get you to the boss and defeat him.

How do you get caps in Soda dungeon?

Edit. Mystic Caps can be acquired by reaching the Gold Cap , which is 1.5 Billion. Then 1 Billion Gold will be automatically converted into one Mystic Cap (this can be switched off at the Wizard and doesn’t activate until after leaving the dungeon when the cap is first reached).

Is there an end to soda dungeon?

See, Soda Dungeon 1 didn’t really have an endgame until we realized that players were pushing far beyond the game’s core 1000 levels. The relics + essence system were our way of saying “go nuts! have fun!” It wasn’t until later that we added caps, the dimensional shop, the Lair of Despair, and more.

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How many dimensions are in soda Dungeon 2?

11 Dimensions

What is the last dimension in soda dungeon?

warrior dimension

How do you get dinner boy in soda dungeon?

Dinner Boy Dinner Boys are variant of Soda Junkies that have the same graphical sprite and stats. They only show up in the tavern when there is food on a table. This requires purchasing at least one Table and the Kitchen upgraded to level 7.

How do you get relics in soda dungeon?

They are earned by successfully completing a dimension and when you move to the next one. Below they are in the order in which they appear. Constitution Cola: +5 HP per relic level for each party member.

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