Soda springs mountain resort

How far is Soda Springs from Lake Tahoe?

34.18 miles

How far is Truckee from Soda Springs?

10.53 miles

What time does Soda Springs Open?

Hours of Operation Monday, Thursday, Friday / 10AM–4PM. Weekends + Holidays / 9AM–4PM.

What is the elevation of Soda Springs California?

6 768 футов

How far is Soda Springs from Sacramento?

79 miles

Where is Soda Springs on the Oregon Trail?

Located along a shortcut on the Oregon- California Trail off of the main route to Fort Hall, Idaho is Soda Springs. These natural bubbling pools of carbonated water, caused by ancient volcanic activity, were first called “Beer Springs”.

What county is Soda Springs in?

Caribou County

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