Quick Answer: What Is Butterfly Lemonade?

What does Butterfly pea flower taste like?

Steeped butterfly pea flowers taste a bit like green tea. The flavor is subtle, so it’s common to mix in some dried lemongrass. In addition, the tea recipe often includes honey or sugar. Citrus juice is then used to balance the sweetness.

What is butterfly tea good for?

The earthy flavour of butterfly – pea flower tea is said to be a mood enhancer. The tea is said to have stress-busting effects that may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety. It is also known to refresh the brain, bolster energy levels and stamina, influence positive emotions and thereby increase productivity at work.

Is Butterfly pea tea safe?

So far, there have been no reported side effects of butterfly pea flower tea. There are concerns about nausea and diarrhea, but not everyone experiences them. People with allergies or sensitive digestion should be cautious when drinking this tea for the first time.

Is Butterfly pea flower poisonous?

Blue pea flower are also known as Butterfly pea flowers, asian pigeon wings while the Malaysian called it Bunga Telang. When he saw “Dr Frances” at Nam Wah Ee hospital, Penang,the doctor told him that the green sepal and the stigma of the blue pea flowers were toxic which could cause harm to the body when consumed.

Does Butterfly pea taste good?

Blech. Butterfly pea tea, on the other hand, really doesn’t taste like much, slightly earthy and woody not unlike a mild green tea. Here, however, any subtle flavors it may impart are readily masked by the tart lemon juice.

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Does Butterfly pea tea stain?

Making blue tea from butterfly pea flowers is easy enough, since this is a herbal tea and does not require any special steps. What you should know is that this tea, like hibiscus tea, will stain your dishes if it gets the chance.

Can I drink butterfly pea tea everyday?

Aside from its numerous health properties, a cup of Butterfly Pea tea every day can help reduce fatigue and bring about a sense of calm due to the herb’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Does Butterfly pea tea help you lose weight?

Weight Loss And Other Benefits Of Blue Tea. Blue tea contains catechins, which are said to be instrumental in burning belly fat and aiding weight loss. Drinking butterfly – pea flowers seeped in warm water is said to be an effective way to rev up the metabolism, which in turn, makes the body burn more calories.

Can we drink blue tea daily?

Anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties So, drinking a cup of blue tea every day could help prevent diseases like cancer and tumours.

Can you drink too much Butterfly pea tea?

There are no known side effects of blue tea, it is known to be extremely safe and super healthy to consume. However, over-consumption of Blue tea may cause nausea and diarrhea. Also, pregnant and lactating women are also advised to consult their doctor before drinking blue tea.

When should I drink blue tea?

#1 Blue Tea contains potent tannins that curb iron absorption from food, therefore, sip through your hot cup of sheer magic at least one hour before or after meals. Also, you must brew your tea in earthen teapots than metal to avoid loss of healing properties.

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