Quick Answer: Who Were The Actors In Lemonade Mouth?

Did the cast of Lemonade Mouth really sing?

Note: The filmmakers want you to know that “ Lemonade Mouth ” is a dramady with a moving story. It has plenty of songs but the actors aren’t singing the story like in a true musical. Naomi: Adam actually wrote all the raps to the songs.

Why didn’t they make a Lemonade Mouth 2?

“There’s not going to be a “ Lemonade Mouth 2 ″,” Bridgit told us. “The reason behind that is that they just thought the story was done after the first movie. You guys don’t want a bad sequel, we don’t want to make a bad sequel… Bridgit also gave us an update on her album which is almost finished!

What happened to Wen from Lemonade Mouth?

Former Disney Channel actor and Lemonade Mouth star Adam Hicks has been arrested for armed robbery, according to TMZOpens in a new Window.. He was arrested in July after allegedly firing a gun and in September for battery. Adam played the role of Wendell ‘ Wen ‘ Gifford in Lemonade Mouth.

Is Debby Ryan in Lemonade Mouth?

Debby Ryan as Claire Kingston- Claire Kingston is the cocky, but very intelligent friend of Amanda Parker from New Jersey, moving to New York to share a penthouse with her.

Who does Mo end up with in Lemonade Mouth?

Mohini “Mo” Banjaree is the former bass player and backup singer and current co-lead singer for the Lemonade Mouth. She is dating Scott Pickett.

Who is Nancy in Lemonade Mouth?

Nancy is the last thing Olivia has of her mom, who died. This article is a stub. You can help Lemonade Mouth Wiki by expanding it.

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Is Lemonade Mouth a true story?

Lemonade Mouth, the band at the center of the Disney Channel movie of the same name, is a totally fictional band. But Bridgit Mendler, the actress who plays the band’s lead singer and chief songwriter, says it’s possible the band could become real –and go on tour.

Are they making a Lemonade Mouth 2?

Disney Channel announced at Licensing International Expo 2011 that Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) “ Lemonade Mouth 2,” the sequel to the hugely popular movie, is currently in development, along with a DCOM based on the hit buddy comedy series “Shake It Up.”

Did Lemonade Mouth really play at Madison Square Garden?

HIS FAVORITE SCENE: “The Madison Square Garden performance. We literally did it all day long, and it was so much fun. We had all the fans and they were cheering us on, and they had these 70-foot monitors behind us.

Why is Olivia’s dad in jail in Lemonade Mouth?

Olivia reveals that her mother and father had sex when they were in high school, and Olivia’s mother, who never loved or wanted her, left Olivia’s father, Ted, to raise his daughter by himself until he was convicted of armed robbery and manslaughter.

Do Wen and Olivia end up together?

Wenvia is the romantic pairing of the two characters Wen Gifford and Olivia White. It was confirmed by the end of the movie that the two have feelings for each other, but they were never together until the extended edition.

When did Lemonade Mouth?

Lemonade Mouth (film)

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Lemonade Mouth
Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original network Disney Channel
Original release April 15, 2011

Does Netflix have Lemonade Mouth?

Sorry, Lemonade Mouth is not available on American Netflix.

What school was Lemonade Mouth filmed at?

The film is based on the book “Lemonade Mouth” by Mark Peter Hughes and is filming in Albuquerque at several high schools in town, including Albuquerque High School, West Mesa High School and the South Valley Academy.

Is Lemonade Mouth on Disney plus?

Lemonade Mouth is one of the classic 90s Disney movies that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+. You may also opt for this discount bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

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