Readers ask: Pokemon Revolution Online Where To Get Lemonade?

How do you get to Saffron City in Pokemon Revolution Online?

The area is accessibilized by giving a Lemonade beverage to a guard in any of the four convergent gatehouses after you have procured the Soul Badge in Fuchsia Gym; thereafter, you will have access to all-four gatehouses to access the city.

Can you catch articuno in Pokemon Revolution Online?

You can leave Articuno alone or defeat it. You cannot catch it.

How do you get flash in Pokemon Revolution Online?

You can get Flash after catching 10 unique Pokemon. Talk to Oak’s Aide in Route 2, Stop House 3 and he’ll give it to you. Once taught to a Pokemon, click on the move on your Pokemon’s move list.

Where do you get fly in Pokemon Revolution Online?

HM 02 – Fly

  1. A mini-island on Route 21.
  2. Victory Road Kanto 2F.
  3. Saffron City’s Pokémart.
  4. Route 10 (adjacent to the Power Plant)
  5. Diglett’s Cave.

How do you get to Route 8 in Pokemon Revolution?

Access to Saffron City will initially be inadmissible until the Soul Badge has been acquired from Fuchsia City; as such, the city must be bypassed using the underpass in order to reach Route 7 on the other way of Saffron City and continue to Celadon City. Route 8.

Land Pokémon
Average levels 20 Members-only 0 Extremely Rares 0

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Revolution online?

  1. Talk to Scientist Rey, enter the Bell Tower Basement and fight your way through.
  2. Interact with the 3 Legendary Dogs and make them flee.
  3. Head back to the Scientist to get the Legendary Dogs’ seen data.
  4. Once you fought them and got their data, head back to the Scientist and report your findings.
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How do you get to Cinnabar Island Pokemon Revolution Online?

A positional vantage point of Cinnabar Island in Kanto. Cinnabar Island is a volcanic island that is southwesterly situated in Kanto. As an island, it entails that players must travel asea for their initial visits; this entails access to a HM03 (Surf) and a Surf-wielding Pokémon on-hand or another navigational device.

Is Pokemon Revolution online worth playing?

Is it worth playing, is it even a decent Pokemon game? By far, it is probably the most packed, highest quality Pokemon MMO out there, with the only other games being equally as good quality being PokeMMO and PokeOne, both of which will have videos done on them in the future.

How do you get waterfall in Pokemon Revolution?

In order to use Waterfall, you simply just need to interact with a waterfall, granted one of your knows the move already, and it should allow you to move up it. Please be sure you have the final badge from the Hoenn region in order to use the waterfalls.

How do you get false swipe in Pokemon Revolution Online?

You can purchase a False Swipe TM in the following locations:

  1. Route 48 for 4,000.
  2. Lilycove City Department Store for 5,000.
  3. Veilstone City Department Store for 4,000.

Where can I find Ditto in Pokemon Revolution?


Location Levels Times
Route 13 24-30 Night
Route 14 30-30 Night
Route 15 30-34
Route 218 28-31 Night

How do you headbutt trees in Pokemon Revolution?

For headbutt you need to have 150+ happiness on the pokemon to use it outside of battle. You can check your pokemons happiness with /happy 1-6 (number depending on the partyslot you want to check). Just use the command in any ingame-chat.

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Where is Bill’s book in Pokemon Revolution?

However to acquire the SS Anne ticket, you first need to bring Bill’s Research Book to him. You can find this book below his pillow located at the upper east portion of his lab.

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