Blue sky soda class action

What happened to Blue Sky soda? Coca- Cola North America took ownership of Blue Sky Sodas , Hansen’s Juice Products, Hansen’s Natural Sodas , Hubert’s Lemonade, Peace Tea and other non-energy drink brands as part of Coke’s partnership with Monster Beverage Corp on Jun 12, 2015. Blue Sky Beverage Company now operates out of Corona, […]

Arm n hammer baking soda

What can you do with Arm & Hammer baking soda? Here’s six ways you can use this Arm & Hammer Baking Soda : Absorb odors and freshen the air by placing an open box in your refrigerator and cupboards. Add a little to your washing machine for a cleaner machine and fresh-smelling clothing. Remove coffee […]

Soda without phosphoric acid

Does Sprite have phosphoric acid? Sprite does not contain phosphoric acid . Only sodas that are dark in color contain this acid . Clear sodas such as sprite contain citric acid , sugar, and carbonated water. Is phosphoric acid in all sodas? Phosphoric acid is deliberately added to soft drinks to give them a sharper […]

Baking soda in deodorant

Why is baking soda bad in deodorant? So, when you apply an alkaline substance like baking soda , it could upset your skin’s natural pH levels. This, in turn, could lead to excessive dryness. One way to sidestep possible side effects is to test your skin’s sensitivity to baking soda before applying as a deodorant […]