Often asked: How Do I Apply For Pepsi?

How can I get in touch with Pepsi?

Pepsi Beverages: 1-800-433-2652 for the bottler nearest to you.

How much do Pepsi employees get paid?

Average PepsiCo Warehouse Worker hourly pay in the United States is approximately $15.98, which is 12% above the national average. Salary information comes from 388 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

How much do Pepsi sales reps make?

How much does a Sales Representative at PepsiCo make? The typical PepsiCo Sales Representative salary is $51,662. Sales Representative salaries at PepsiCo can range from $2,922 – $522,367.

What are PepsiCo benefits?

PepsiCo Inc provides health, dental, and vision insurance. PepsiCo Inc also offers long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, group life insurance, and death benefits, which cover certain causes of death.

Does PepsiCo pay well?

Employees at PepsiCo earn different salaries depending on their region. Our data shows that PepsiCo employees in Sacramento, CA get paid the most, where the average yearly pay is $49,159. The median salary in Seattle, WA is $49,061.

What soda brands does Pepsi own?

As of 2015, 22 PepsiCo brands met that mark, including: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, 7 Up, Doritos, Brisk, Quaker Foods, Cheetos, Mirinda, Ruffles, Aquafina, Naked, Kevita, Propel, Sobe, H2oh, Sabra, Starbucks (ready to Drink Beverages), Pepsi Max, Tostitos, Sierra Mist, Fritos, Walkers,

Is working for Pepsi a good job?

Good pay but lots of stress. Pepsi is a good company to work for, but comes at a cost of stress, family/personal life balance. My caution is that if you’re young and single and want to work hard to earn good money then this is the place. To those with families plan on working long days and most likely weekends.

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Does Pepsi pay overtime?

Yes they do pay overtime after40 hours!

How much does Pepsi cost?

Pepsi Prices

Type Size Price
Pepsi 16 oz. Can $1.19
Diet Pepsi 20 oz. Bottle $1.99
Pepsi 20 oz. Bottle $1.99
Pepsi Wild Cherry 20 oz. Bottle $1.99

What are the highest paid sales jobs?

They’re listed here from highest to lowest total average compensation.

  1. Enterprise Sales/Account Executive. Average salary: $75,000.
  2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Average salary: $81,798.
  3. Realtor.
  4. Medical Device Sales Representative.
  5. Sales Engineer.
  6. Software Sales Representative.
  7. Major Gifts Officer.

How much do Frito Lay route drivers make?

How much does a Route Driver make at Frito – Lay in the United States? Average Frito – Lay Route Driver hourly pay in the United States is approximately $17.64, which is 9% above the national average.

How much do 7up drivers make?

The typical 7up American Bottling Company Delivery Driver salary is $47,002. Delivery Driver salaries at 7up American Bottling Company can range from $39,643 – $54,236.

Do PepsiCo employees get discounts?

PepsiCo Employees, their families, and friends are eligible for Employee Discounts, Special Pricing, and Perks on products and services used every day. Find discounts on travel, insurance, prescriptions, cell phones, tires, movies, Theme parks, and more.

How does PepsiCo motivate their employees?

PepsiCo’s organizational culture has the advantage of motivating employees. The emphases on purposeful action and internal leadership development give meaning to employees ‘ contributions to the business. In addition, collaboration optimizes employee morale, which reduces PepsiCo’s employee turnover rates.

Does Pepsi have a union?

it is a union job but its a very weakly operated neutered union. Working at PepsiCo as a certifier is an easy job to do but union workers and management makes it so much harder.

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