Coco rico soda where to buy

What is Coco Rico soda?

Coco Rico is a Puerto Rican soda brand from Coco Rico , Inc. It is flavored with coconut extract, and is produced in both plastic (polyethylene terephthalate or PET) bottles and aluminum cans. The brand is family owned. Throughout its history, the brand has used the color green prominently on its cans and bottles.

Does Coco Rico soda have caffeine?

Answer: No caffeine , no problem! Coco Rico is the drink of gods; it is prominently mentioned as the refreshment of choice throughout recorded history. The biggest supply of Coco Rico soda trees were originally located in what is now the city of Rio Grande.

Does Coco Rico expire?

Answer: No, there are no expiration dates on the cans.

What does Coco Rico taste like?

I don’t drink soda anymore, but I still like Coco Rico. Partly because the flavor isn’t that strong. It’s pretty much just carbonated water with a bit of a sweet coconut -like aftertaste. If you take out the carbonation and some of the sweetness, it’s just like drinking coconut water straight from the coconut .

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